Work with us

We are always keen to work with talented contributors, so do get in touch if you feel you can add something to Walnut. You may be an illustrator, photographer, stylist, writer, foodie or therapist, we love speaking to creative, knowledgeable people so we'd be delighted to hear from you.

We would particularly like to speak to people from an editorial magazine or commercial publishing background or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit that can help a small business such as this independent magazine, take the next step in their journey. 

We sometimes feel a bit daunted by social media and worry we are total dinosaurs when it comes to creating a compelling story or post, so if you live and breath that world and have a proven record of growing small businesses organically with integrity and style, drop us a line.

Sadly, there is a caveat which is as most independent magazine publishers will tell you, budgets are very tight so if you're looking for a full-time well paid job, then maybe think twice about contacting us. But if you have some spare time amongst other projects you may be working on and are happy to help initially on a voluntary basis, we'd be forever grateful. Naturally as we grow, you would join us on that path to bigger things and we would aim to reward you whenever possible. 

So if you love Walnut as much as we can do, and can clearly see its potential and want to join us on our journey, then email us at